When someone is working on your property, you naturally want to see what is going on. Getting on that roof is the tricky part, not to mention the risk involved.

We have come up with the solution, ViProof! Now you can check the progress of the roof work from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you happen to be with your Smartphone. We take the risk out of your investment in the roof, and replace it with your peace of mind.

We have nothing to hide with our work practices. We never take shortcuts, or lower our standards. We are not in a rush to finish your job to get to the next customer. The service of excellence is our standard on all roofing projects.

How does ViProof work?

  • First we install the DVR and ViProof terminal with 4 motion-detector cameras on top of your roof prior to commencing the roof work
  • The equipment is then connected to the internet
  • The recording starts when the workers arrive on site and climb onto the roof
  • The cameras stay on for the complete duration of the project
  • Once the roof work is finished, inspected and approved by our Quality Controller, the cameras are turned off and uninstalled
  • A copy of the recording goes to the customer
  • Ascension Roofing keeps a copy on file for the duration of the manufacturer’s guarantee

If you prefer to use another roofing company for your roof work, we are still happy to rent the ViProof equipment to you, as long as your roofer of choice agrees to the video surveillance. In this case you still get a copy of the recording, but Ascension Roofing keeps no record of work completed.